10 Things I Learned The Year I Turned 18.

12 August 2016

     Assalamualaikum bloggers. Since I have turned 18 on 31st July, I've many thoughts I would like to share. Actually, there's more. Tapi share yang ni dulu lah :D

1. Accept that you will sometimes be wrong. Don't be too proud to admit when you are.

2. Change is not easy. But don't give up on it, no matter how hard it gets. You will be thankful for your dear self soon for changing.

3. If you have a dream, go after it, even if  people don't understand it. Leave behind all the ones who called you crazy and all the ones who said you couldn't do it and PROVE . THEM . WRONG 

4. Smile and laugh if necessary.

5. Forgive those who left you.

6. You have to work hard to get what you want. NNothing will ever be handed to you, girls/boys. As user -Usher- said " You need to work to make things happen. This goes for everything.

7. You're going to lose a lot of friends. It's sad, but true. Some friends never leave, but many do. I know how it feels because  I had experience losing friends. That's okay, you will find more *hugging*

8. Listen to other people's opinions, even if you don't agree. I have friends that asking others for an opinion then, she got angry I was like -____- hahahahahahahahah lawa nya perangai. They're allowed to think what they want to think. You can be annoyed about it, but give them respect la to think what they want. Korang yang tanya en :p

9. Drink plenty of water  if you want to clear your skin and get rid of acne (Y)

10. Above all else, forgive yourself for all the mistakes you made. It's over now, let it go. Lose sleep over better things, and bleed for better reasons *wink* .

That's all for this entry. Will do part two :p  Assalamualaikum and do take care.



  1. You motivate me. a bit. hehe. thank you babe!

  2. oooo itu 10 perkara yang dah belajar ye.. bagus juga tu.. boleh tambah lagi kot belajar bersyukur dgn hayati surah ar rahman and juga belajar kawal cash flow...

  3. agreed, bila kita dah makin tua ni kita makin diam....malas nak berbalah...

    btw, CP singgah sini, hehe, thanks sudi singgah di blog CP even tak aktif lama dah....

  4. Kadang-kadang kalau terus berbalah, takkan habis. sakit hati lagi adalah :') hehe sama sama ;)

    1. CP singgah lagi kat sini, tak jumpa CBOX pun...

  5. Good learner... you'll learn more in the future..


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